Eating fine, litter box is okay but sometimes poops outside of the box (like right on the corner), he is actually a she and someone had suggested maybe a nearby girl kitty is in heat, which made me think because when I got reggie we were told he was a boy, a month ago (he would have been 6 months ish) I looked for sure and sure enough our little prince was our new princess but the he/she change and name change didn't work out very well. I think he's in heat.. or she... I'm reading about it now and I guess she'll go to any length just to go outside. She stands by my back/garden door and meows.

well how old was she when u got her they usually don’t fix kittens til thier at least 5 to 6 months old! n yes u better watch the doors she’ll scoot at at first chance if she’s in heat though they usually don’t go into heat til 9 or 10 month’s at earliest! how big is she? is she large for her age? might be why she’s in heat earlier than normal, just like a 11 or 12 yo girl may be more mature than other girls of her age n come into puberty earlier? if you don’t want any kittens n you have no planns of letting her out then get her fixed hunny! darrell